The annual TEAM Conference was held at Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth on Friday 7th June 2024 for the members and service providers within the TEAM Network.

TEAM celebrated its 30th anniversary this year and the event was a celebration of the achievements within the network along with providing the members with valuable insights into the industry and seminars to help agencies with their growth plans.

Alongside many seminars, there were industry supplier stands, networking opportunities, guest speakers and a 90s-themed evening dinner and party.

The 2024 TEAM Conference was the first for MAYACHI and we reflect on the highlights of this key event: –

Why attend the TEAM Conference?

The TEAM Conference has always been the main event for the network as it gives the members and service providers the opportunity to network with the 340+ ticket holders. Given that TEAM is made up of independent and SME recruitment agencies who are the key clients for MAYACHI, it made perfect sense to attend this event.

Why have a stand at the conference?

As a new service provider to TEAM, I wanted to take the opportunity to promote the Non-Exec FD services provided by MAYACHI and the best way was to have a stand. The stand was ideally positioned outside the seminar rooms so it could be seen by the attendees, and we could hand out some promotional items (pens, notebooks and coffee cups) and our MAYACHI guides.

Did you attend any seminars?

Unfortunately, as I was the only person representing MAYACHI, it meant that I could not attend many of the seminars in order to man the stand. However, I did manage to be in the opening presentation from Hung Lee and the closing speech from Sally Gunnell OBE. Hung’s presentation gave valuable insights into the state of the recruitment industry and how it is in a transition phase that everyone needs to get on board with.  Sally’s speech provided an insight into the mindset of a professional athlete and how this can be applied to any situation. Both were amazing seminars and showed the quality laid on for the membership.

Did you gain any business whilst being at the conference?

The conference did not disappoint and I had many conversations with recruitment directors about their financial pain points and how MAYACHI could help them. Many of them were interested in having their first free consultation and I will be following up on these over the next few weeks. Also, a large portion of the free merchandise was distributed which in turn helps the brand awareness of MAYACHI and should reap some further business in the coming months.

Were there any highlights to note?

The main highlight for me was being able to meet up with all my service provider friends who we only really get to see at these events over the year. As we are all there to help the membership, it was great to educate each other on our service offerings, discuss how business was going currently and whether there were any potential collaborations we could do together.  All of this was done over a few drinks in the sun which made it even better.  The other highlight was during the Q&A session with Sally Gunnell when Kim from Green Umbrella Marketing asked Sally if she could have a selfie with their inflatable giraffe.  A shocked and nervous looking Sally agreed, and the photo generated a huge round of applause from the audience… Classic Kim! You’ve got to see it for yourself…here!

What did you gain from being at the conference?

The conference gave me the opportunity to promote MAYACHI to the membership in a face-to-face networking environment which is always a much more effective way compared to social media or a Team’s call. From the many conversations I had with recruitment directors and the service providers, I am confident that I will be doing work with many of the members over the next few months and it gave me the confidence that the service I am providing is something the industry needs.

Will you be attending the conference again?

The TEAM conference was well executed, and well attended and was an ideal event for the industry. I will definitely be attending next year’s conference, and I am looking forward to also attending the many TEAM regional and divisional meetings over the coming months.

We believe that the TEAM conference and the TEAM network is vital to the independent recruiters to help them with their growth and development whilst helping the directors to converse with like-minded business owners.

Thank you to Andy Dunne and the whole gang at TEAM for having us…roll on next year’s Conference!

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